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Daiwa CN-460M VHF/UHF Cross Needle SWR Power Meter

The Daiwa CN-460M compact cross-needle meter displays both forward and reflected power over a frequency range of 140 - 450 MHz in ranges of 15/150 watts forward and 5/50 watts reflected. Accuracy is ±15% at full scale. SO-239 jacks. These meters include a mobile mounting bracket and meter illumination.

Please see other models in chart below. They look the same but have different frequency coverage, power capacities and jacks.



Daiwa CN-460M cross needle SWR Power Meter. #Two switchable scales – 15 to 150 watts. #Backlit dial if you supply 12 VDC. #Bench top or mobile mount, with the mobile mount.

140-450MHz Compact Cross Needle SWR Meter. 15/150 Watt ranges with illuminated meter and SO-239 connectors.


Purchased my CN460M from Atlantic Ham Radio (Now Radio World) in Ontario. It was the first cross needle meter I had used and right away, that sold me on that type of needle movement.  I liked the idea of a backlit display and it came with a mounting bracket as well which makes it a very stable unit when using RG-213 or similar coaxial cables.

As for accuracy, it is every bit as accurate as a certifiable meter such as a Bird or Celwave which I compared it to when a member of our club was kind enough to provide when we did some antenna work at our club's repeater, he is a manager of a mobile radio shop so he had this at his disposal.

I compared it to a Celwave, not sure of the model and it was close enough to the readings on the Celwave meter, e.g 1.5:1 VSWR, the Diawa read a little lower, about 1.4:1.    Not bad, at least you know that your antenna and feedline are within spec.

A great meter that don't cost as much as the Birds or Celwave meters, but will give you comparable results.




DAIWA - CN-410 CN-412 CN-460 CN-465 CN-490

The CN-400 series is a high quality instrument with a unique fea ture which makes tedi ing antenna tests. mat ous measurements of SWR and power dur- ching and tuning of transmitters'a breeze. SWR and power indicators are installed in one meter unit4 One scale will indicate Forward Power, another scale Rellected

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PWR SWR METER 140 - 450 MHz 15 - 150 WATTS

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